We are Certified Tea Specialist who take the time to thoroughly evaluate teas from a variety of trusted farmers located all over the world. We perform a rigorous experimentation process and seek out the best teas to join our collections. We always keep in mind the needs of our customers and their wide ranges of flavor preferences and beverage needs.


Our desire is that your experience with tea is a pleasant one. To ensure you receive the most nutrients and flavor from your tea leaves, we seek out the most current and effective trends in brewing technology. From our in-store Bkon brewing system which extracts all of teas healthy components in just 90 seconds to offering you the latest in simple on-the-go brewing devices, we have you covered.


We are driven by our passion of tea and the desire to share with you a great tea experience. We invest in our team so that together we can help connect you with a tea that pleases your palate, compliments your lifestyle or simply fits your mood. Our passion for tea convicts us to reinvest back into the communities in which we take from by buying from certified Fair-Trade growers. Our passion leads us to use tea as a way to bring people together and we do so by supporting local community events and charitable groups. Our passion leads us to participate in global expos and education seminars so that we may bring you the latest in flavor creations, blended specialties, and rare tea. Cheers!

Teaster's Premium Brewing System