• By offering tea to a guest, it serves as a greeting and the beginning point for meaningful conversation.
  • Tea can be a connective companion when discussing one’s day with another.
  • Stories are shared and mends are made with estranged friends and family over a cup of tea.
  • Sharing a cup of tea with family can start a tradition or continue one that’s transcended through the ages.
  • Tea can help us to become calm, get focused and problem solve.
  • Tea can unite two strangers or shared when celebrating a marriage
  • Tea increases our cultural and social awareness.
  • Tea serves as an active social activity.
  • When traveling, tea is used to welcome guests as a form of respect.
  • When working through midterms, papers, and projects, students bond together over a cup of tea.
  • Bringing a hot cup of tea to those who are ill can warm the heart and create a sense of healing.


choose tea?

Picking a tea to join our collection is not a simple task. As certified Tea Professionals, we go through a rigorous selection process that involves multiple evaluation steps. A tasting/testing session includes many teas of like kind.

We begin by researching each tea’s background: growing region, terroir, and environment. We then start our dry leaf analysis which includes the leaf appearance, shape, processing method, aroma and color.

Once complete, we brew the leaf, pushing it to its time and temperature limits as to pull out any flaws that it might have. We then begin the evaluation process all over again using the wet leaf and brewed liquor. We sample all of the teas within the tasting session and review the evaluations collectively.

Finally, we allow our palates to rest for a few days and re-sample the top picks using the recommended brewing time and temperature.

Keeping in mind our customer’s wide variety of tastes and interests, we then maybe select one or two from the group to join our collection.



We believe that tea is not just a beverage but a way of life, and a beautiful way of life it is! We have a deep appreciation and fascination of this simple leaf and its endless possibilities. At Teasters, we are committed to leading the rediscovery of enjoying tea and inspiring our customers towards a healthy, peaceful, and fulfilling lifestyle.

In a tense and uptight world, a cup of tea presents us with the opportunity to slow down, pay attention, and be present. It’s the perfect prescription for enjoying and appreciating a moment even if it’s only for 15 minutes a day.

Tea brings people together and enlivens our senses through its preparation. The boiling of water, the steeping of leaves, the intrigue of the aroma when poured, and the discovery of taste when enjoyed all crafts a beautiful experience. And when served and shared with family, friends, loved ones, co-workers, strangers, or by one’s self, tea brings about warmth, happiness, hospitality and respect.

We are excited to share our passion with you and invite you to, please, join us for a cup of tea……