Darjeeling First Flush -

Darjeeling First Flush -

Grown on the slopes of the Himalayas in the Darjeeling district of India, Darjeeling tea is known as the "champagne of tea”. We’ve selected a highly prized first flush, which uses the very youngest leaves. The cup offers a delicate and smooth mouthfeel with flavors of minty-fresh mountain air. Darjeeling tea is lighter and less astringent than black teas, but more layered and complex than most greens. This cup will consistently intrigue your palate by delivering a satisfying balance between sweetness and astringency. 


Serving Size: 1.5tsp / 8oz
Temperature: 195-200°F 
Steep Time: 4-5 min

Ingredients: Organic black tea a private estate in India. **Certified Organic

Tasting Notes: Full bodied, robust, fragrant, fresh spring aroma.

Liquor Color: Light & shiney copper