Chocolate Covered Cherries -

Chocolate Covered Cherries -

Creamy cocoa notes of melting chocolate chips intertwine with the aromatic and fruity flavor of juicy cherries. When you blend these two decadent flavors with a rich, earthy Pu’erh tea, you’ll find a blend that delivers a coffee-like body with a unique flavor that will satisfy your sweet tooth. We recommend serving a hot cup with a touch of cream.


About Pu’erh tea: It differs from other tea categories in that it undergoes a final process where it is fermented or naturally aged. In ancient days, as the popularity of tea increased, farmers began compressing their newly plucked tea leaves into cakes for transport down to consumers on the coast. Over the year-long journey, something miraculous happened. The tea had naturally fermented over time creating a new and unique flavor similar to coffee with strong notes of musty, old forest. Over time, this mysterious tea became highly regarded for its legendary healing qualities and at a time, was used as a form of currency.

Serving Size: 1.25tsp / 8oz

Temperature: 208°F 

Steep Time: 4-5 min

Ingredients: Pu'erh tea, cherry tart, chocolate, natural & artificial flavor. Contains soy, milk

Tasting Notes: Decadent, complex, aromatic fruity flavor, smooth, coffee-like, creamy notes of chocolate.

Liquor Color: Aged penny